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Childhood awesomeness

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Jan. 28th, 2009 | 02:49 am
mood: gigglygiggly

Damnit Natane, you make me want to be a Sailor Scout again.

In the meantime, let me share some of my retardation with you all. Um.... spoilers for Sailor Moon. If for some reason you don't know them or care about being spoiled.

Sephy346 (2:14:38 AM): shit id be such an unbalanced sailor scout
Sephy346 (2:14:47 AM): id flip a tit if something like that happend to me
MizukoMidori (2:14:52 AM): I think, but am not sure, that it was toward the end when they're actually facing Galaxia and she personally shows her Darien's star seed.
Sephy346 (2:15:27 AM): im sailor rage and in the name of the -ah fuck it im kickin' your ass
Sephy346 (2:15:31 AM): see thats why i cant be one
Sephy346 (2:15:32 AM): im too angry
MizukoMidori (2:15:33 AM): XD
Sephy346 (2:15:50 AM): im the bitch that would have pulled out a glock to nefrites face
MizukoMidori (2:15:53 AM): Ah, but an angry sailor scout would be funny.
MizukoMidori (2:15:59 AM): ho shit.
MizukoMidori (2:16:04 AM): Not Neflyte.
MizukoMidori (2:16:09 AM): He's the nice one.
Sephy346 (2:16:09 AM): hes my baby
Sephy346 (2:16:10 AM): actually
Sephy346 (2:16:17 AM): i cry everytime when he dies
MizukoMidori (2:16:22 AM): Awwww.
Sephy346 (2:16:23 AM): id take my anger out on jedite
Sephy346 (2:16:25 AM): i hated him
MizukoMidori (2:16:30 AM): lol
MizukoMidori (2:16:33 AM): he walked funny.
Sephy346 (2:16:41 AM): he was just not memorable at all for me
Sephy346 (2:16:45 AM): i forget about him all the time
Sephy346 (2:16:52 AM): but whatever bitch got taken down by a fucking JET
MizukoMidori (2:16:54 AM): Cassie and I, OMG, we used to make fun of the way they animated his walking.
MizukoMidori (2:17:20 AM): Natane, do you know what Cassie and I did once?
Sephy346 (2:17:29 AM): RP sailor moon
MizukoMidori (2:17:33 AM): Not just that.
MizukoMidori (2:17:41 AM): No, we had our own Sailor Scouts.
Sephy346 (2:17:46 AM): oh shit i did that
Sephy346 (2:17:50 AM): her colores were black and gold
MizukoMidori (2:17:50 AM): It doesn't stop there.
MizukoMidori (2:18:01 AM): We had, we had, get this.
MizukoMidori (2:18:26 AM): Sailor Sun, Sailor Space, and Sailor Earth.
Sephy346 (2:18:45 AM): LMAO dude isnt like sailor sun evil
MizukoMidori (2:18:46 AM): Holy shit!
Sephy346 (2:18:52 AM): like isnt that the main bad guy or some shit
MizukoMidori (2:18:52 AM): I REMEMBER HER NAME.
MizukoMidori (2:19:01 AM): Her name was Mikahai.
MizukoMidori (2:19:07 AM): I can't believe I remember that.
Sephy346 (2:19:09 AM): LMAO
Sephy346 (2:19:10 AM): oh shit

And now I think I am going to go in search of the Sailor Stars season.

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from: rikaminaka
date: Jan. 30th, 2009 09:45 am (UTC)

My username that I have for everything (Rika Minaka, of course), is actually the human name of a senshi I made up: Sailor Icia (Icia means ice in her language). I even have a whole set of 'Elemental Senshi' to go with her. ^.^ By the way...I have the entire series of Sailor Moon on cd if you wanted me to burn you a copy (it's ten disks, though, got it all from Rae). :winkwink:

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