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Character A Day

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Feb. 20th, 2009 | 12:58 am
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I'm going to try and start doing this every day. It's probably not going to happen, considering my wonderful track record, but I'm going to try.

For those who are interested go to Character a day Community

Character Name: Sophia Kleinstock
Genre (type of story you'd put it in): Humor murder mystery
Describe the Character Physically in Your Own Words: Sophia is an elegant woman who dresses in only the top fashions, usually imported straight from France. In her younger days she was a model, with her long legs, and lithe figure. Her auburn hair is straight as an arrow, and she curses it daily, as it's mostly useless. She mostly keeps it in tight buns or braids, or done up in some elaborate hat. She loves to look flashy, as long as it's also tasteful.
One Line Description of Character: Sophia is a fashionable, wealthy woman that always strives for the best.
Tell Us About the Character: An arrogant, elegant, and wealthy woman Sophia has the best of everything. Always sporting the latest in fashion she tends to get what she wants when she wants it. She also knows the right time to flash some green. The world bends to her will. Or so she believes.
If she is a widow - She is, and she has just buried her husband of fifteen years. He died a tragic death, that no one is convinced is an accident. She did love him, even if she rarely ever showed it. Though she did put on a good show at his funeral sobbing into a tissue the whole time, and was unable to give her eulogy. Sergeant James didn't believe it.

What are their names? Daneille and Brian
Tell us about them: They're a classic pair. Danny is the girl who seems a bit superficial at first. She worries over her looks, and what people think of her, seems to have shallow cares. But as you get to know her, you find out she's almost as much of a nerd as everyone else. She just hides it well and would prefer it that way. Brian on the other hand was ther nerdy boy in school that everyone made fun of. But he took it all in stride. He used his intelligence to his advantage and didn't let what other people thought of him get him down. Eventually people came to respect him (out of high school of course)
Genre (type of story you'd put them in): Sitcom.
How did they meet/How did they know each other?: They became friends in their sophomore year of high school when Danielle stood up for Brian during lunch one afternoon. They've been friends ever since, though Brian often wishes it were more.
What type fo romance is it? UST? RST? Hate at first sight? Purely Sexual?:It's the "friends forever" relationship. They've been friends since high school. Brian's been crushing on Danny since his senior year, but he's never said anything. Danny's had her share of boyfriends that never lasted long, and seems clueless to Brian's feelings. Brian, however, doesn't want to ruin the relationship they have so he stays quiet.
Why would you (or anyone else) ship them in a book/film/tv show?: It's one of those things where there's obviously a little something there, at least on Brian's part, and you figure Danielle will eventually come to her senses. Hopefully, maybe.

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from: aiwritingfic
date: Feb. 20th, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)

*laughs* Wow, this is a nice idea! ^_^

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