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This week might suck after all.

Jan. 27th, 2009 | 07:47 am
mood: awakeawake
music: Prisoner of Love-- Utada Hikaru

Mom needs money. She still needs to pay rent and start paying off a debt accumulated with the storage company. Mom does not have this money. Mom also has really really bad credit. So she comes home early yesterday and wants me to apply for a loan online. Okay, yeah, sure. No problem. Only after all that I can only get $500. Well that'll be enough for a down payment and they won't sell all of our stuff in storage. Oh good.

Except the loan didn't go through yet. They need yet more information. State-issued ID? I don't have that. I have a Dependants Military ID. Social Security Card? Lost somewhere in my house, probably dead. I have a recent bank statement, and pay stub, but they need more than that. Well no big deal, we'll just go tomorrow(now today) and get you an ID and new social security card. Okay. I can do that. Oh, but we have to do before 10am because my mom's appointment with my brother's DR. is at 10. (Note: this is when I normally wake up)

Okaaaaaaayyyyyyy. Is this...imperative? Do we need to get this money immediately, or can it possibly wait until Wednesday? No, it should be done by Tuesday, in case the loan doesn't go through so we have some extra time to find other opportunities. Okaaaay. I'd rather not rush around way early in the morning, after three hours of sleep, and have you bitch at me to hurry up and blah, blah like I know you will. Yes, I don't want to lose all our stuff either, and I will if I have to, I'd just rather not. Is it not possible to do it Wednesday? Oh, no, you have to work Wednesday. How could I have forgotten. So do I. I have to work Tuesday as it happens. Which is why all this has to be done so early. Wonderful. Perfect.

You know, if you had come to me sooner, this might not be such a big problem. I've told you on several occasions that I don't mind helping out around here financially if it's needed. But you have to be a stubborn, independent Aries!


In other news the Fates have decided to aspire against me or something. Cassie's power went out last night. They're having crazy weather over there. It was back on last I checked (around 5am Central time), but still flickering occasionally. So she may or may not be around at all today.


And in another stab of hilarity, I just looked out the window. It's. Snowing.

I am so sick of this snow. I want my spring already.

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oh dilemma, oh the drama, oh the tension and excitement of it all

Jan. 25th, 2009 | 01:34 pm
mood: discontentdiscontent
music: Mou Hitotsu no Chijou-DotBM ver.

Cookies to anyone who can tell me where that quote in the subject line is from. Cassie doesn't count.

So I went to the dentist the other day after my last post. I hate dentists. This one wasn't particularly any better, though his nurses were very nice.

Dental issues ahead.Collapse )

Further family issuesCollapse )

In other news guess what it's doing here. It's snowing~! :| I'm so over this snow thing.

Got accepted at Tenihime and am going to work on my IRA app today. Hopefully. Kintarou's already giving me some stuff. Hopefully he'll be an easy kid.

Also Kaori's father wants me to profile him. :| I'm not sure how I feel about this.

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And it's come back to bite me in the ass. Or mouth as it were.

Jan. 20th, 2009 | 11:44 pm
mood: irritatedirritated

Jesus fuck, my mouth hurts. I've never been big on taking care of my teeth or going to the dentist. In fact, I down right hate the dentist, am scared to some degree. I don't think I've been since I was 12. My mom was telling me earlier that when I was little I used to be so scared of the dentist that they wanted to hospitalize me and put me under anesthesia before the dentist would work on me.

But two days ago, the right side of my mouth just started hurting like crazy. Out of no where in the middle of my trying to take a nap. The pain hasn't subsided and has only gotten worse, so I figure, it's time to buck up and go see a dentist. I really, really don't want to. But I also don't like this pain. This is years and years of sugar, soda, and not brushing my teeth coming to bite me in ass, and I realize I only have myself to blame. Still sucks.

So tomorrow I need to find out from my work what my dental plan is and see if I can get an emergency visit.

On the Ironic side, Pop seems to be helping dull the pain for now. Good for short term, bad for long term.

Edit: Re-think the short-term consequences for using pop to ward off pain. Caffeine overdose, plus tooth ache, plus trying to sleep, do not add up. Just makes for a very shaky, achy Rachel who can't sleep. David gave me half a sleeping pill if I need it though.

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Work Drama

Jan. 14th, 2009 | 03:53 am
mood: awakeawake
music: Avril Lavigne- Nobody's Home

Work has been incredibly tense lately. I work at a privately owned store, and our sales were down nearly a quarter for December, which is where we make 1/4 of our sales. (1/2 being in October and the other 1/4 being the rest of the year) So the company decided to make some budget cuts. This includes letting go of people, cutting back on hours, and cutting pay. The store hours were cut back from 8:30-8:30 to 9:30-8:00, salary'd employees have already taken a pay-cut, and possibly starting in February hourly employees will have hours cut back about 10%. (Which means most of us full-time employees will be working about a day less.)

Two of my fellow cashiers have been let go already. One which I was glad to see go, personally. She had a bad habit of telling everyone about her personal life whether co-worker or customer.. And Michaela counted once, she talked about her kids 13 different times in one day to customers. No one cared about her two kids and third on the way(at 24). Then a couple days later Michaela was let go, and she's worked there for almost three years now.

Then of course everyone is upset about all these changes and bitching about it non-stop. I'm not happy about them myself, but it'd probably be more difficult to find a new job at this point. But things are pretty bad when managers are telling employees that it's okay if you don't come in today, we'll save your pay for another employee. And the poor boss has to deal with the brunt of everyone's anger. I was talking to a manager last night and he was telling me about how everyone's on edge, and there's this whole tension throughout the store. And the managers had been asked to "keep an eye on" certain employees(he didn't tell me who, sadly.). Employees he things are valuable and useful. People are nitpicking on the small things, so basically everyone has to try and behave perfectly until this starts to blow over a little.

At this point I'm the lead cashier and I've only been there for nearly a year and half. Half our floor staff are newer employees from this last years Halloween season. It's kind of crazy.

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I'm~ A Crazy~

Dec. 31st, 2008 | 12:52 am
mood: enthralledAbsorbed
music: Underground- The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You: *Eats brain*

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Happy Holidays~!

Dec. 25th, 2008 | 12:21 pm
mood: cheerfulfestive


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(no subject)

Dec. 14th, 2008 | 03:56 pm
mood: irritatedirritated

Stupid snow. :\

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Dec. 14th, 2008 | 02:10 pm

Geez, I'm starting to dream about bad customers now.

I had a dream that I was working at the Balloon counter. I was just kind of straightening it up, and Bill(my boss) was making some sort of balloon bouquet with regular balloons and 5" balloons. It turns out that it was for one of my co-workers Beny, whose birthday is coming up. So then this woman comes up with her, like, three kids, sees what Bill's doing, and asks for some of the smaller balloons to be added to her order but in black. So I go scrambling about trying to find some black 5" balloons which were no where to be found. She gets impatient with me and walks off at some point. Eventually I found her balloon order, which Tom(balloon manager) had filled and set aside for her to come pick them up, and they were all large mylar balloons. So I was like, "Oooohhhh, she meant the 11"(standard balloon size) ones." So I blew up a couple of black balloons and handed them to her and she just stormed out shaking her head.

So then this guy comes up with a bunch of purple posterboard from Display and sets it on the counter. And I was like, "Sir, if you're ready to check out the registers are right up there." and I pointed at the registers. It's a mistake often made, because there does happen to be a register at the balloon counter, we just don't use it unless we have to. The man doesn't move though. So I repeated myself and he told me no. So I was like, "Sir, I can't ring you up here." And he grabs my arm and goes, "Yes you can," then points to the sign in front of the register that says This register is closed and says, "This is a register. You'll ring me up here." I clenched my teeth and half shouted, "Sir, Let. Me. Go!" Immediately Tom was over there ready to help out if I needed it. The man didn't let me go, so I said it again, and Tom picked up the phone and paged a manager. Bill came over and kicked the guy out of the store. I went back to the breakroom and started crying.

That's about all I remember, except some part where Ishida Ryuuken was cooking on a barbecue, and someone told him not to pick up the grill with his bare hands.

Also you should go read the xkcd strip in my subject line. Then just start clicking random.

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I've never been so angry at a customer before.

Dec. 12th, 2008 | 11:32 am
mood: awakeawake

Customer: *Walks up and starts putting items on counter one at a time. Starts putting up packs of Xmas patterned tissue paper.* "There's eight of these."
Me: "All right." *Rings them up individually.*
Customer: "Oh you have to ring them up seperately?"
Me: "Yeah, it's because they're different patterns. Like those bags *points at bags she's pulling out* I have to ring them up by color."
Customer: "Oh. That just seems like a lot of work for you." *Begins counting bags. Two of the red ones are stuck together and rip as she pulls them apart.* "These were stuck and now they've ripped see? Can I get two more?"
Me:"Sure, do you want to go do that?"
Customer: "Do you mind?"
Me: "Not at all."
Customer: *Goes no where."
Me: *Counts the rest of her bags." "Okay, so you have 14 green and 12 red."
Customer: "I needed the two more red."
Me: "Right, did you want to go get those?"
Customer: "Oh, I thought you were going to go get them." *Starts walking away to grab them.*
Me: *Finishes ringing her up and tells her her total once she comes back.*
Customer: "Can I see the receipt?"
Me: "I don't have a receipt...?"
Customer: "Well I'm not paying for it until I see the receipt. I don't know what you charged me for when I walked away."
Me: *shocked* "...I can't print out a receipt until it's paid for..."
Customer: "I'm not paying until I see an itemized receipt."
Me: "All right... Let me call my manager." *Pages manager*
Customer: "I'm the customer, did you forget that?"
Me: *angry* "No, I didn't forget." *Pages manager again.*
Customer: "It's my money, I deserve to know what I'm paying for. If it were your money you'd do the same thing."
Me: *Turns my computer screen to face her.* "I can show you what I have rung up right here." *Scrolls up and down the different items.*
Customer: "You're going to fast."
Me: *Stops at the top and stands there.*
Customer: *after a time* "Okay, you can go down now." *I arrow down every time she says it's okay.* "Wait, there are supposed to be eight tissue papers."((only 5 items are shown on the screen at a time.))
Me: *Points at screen* One. Two. Three. *arrow down* Four. *arrow down* Five. *arrow down* Six. *arrow down* Seven. *arrow down* Eight.
Customer: "Okay"
Me: "Your total is $96.25"
Customer: *Hands me her card.* "You never make the customer walk away."
Me: *Hands her the receipt, her card, and the slip for her to sign. Walks away.*

I was absolutely livid at that woman. I've never been treated so badly by a customer before. Bruce, my manager didn't show up until I walked away. He said that the lady threw the signed slip on my counter, grabbed her stuff and stormed out of the store.

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I fight for truth, I fight for Justice

Dec. 1st, 2008 | 11:12 am
mood: energeticenergetic
music: April May's Testimony

This is the most amazing thing ever! CHeck out the Progress page.

And dear lord, someone should stop me from wanting to audition. >>

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